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Starting from 2014/2015 academic year, PPI-HK will apply new membership systems to its members. Previously, students will automatically be registered as members and no fees will be charged. However, this system will be replaced by new system where every student who wants to become a member will be charged a one time 100 HKD membership fee. However, for those of you who are already registered as members, you will not be charged.

PPI-HK Membership terms and conditions (valid from academic year 2014/2015 onwards)


1. PPI-HK Membership is only valid for Indonesian students living in Hong Kong for a minimum period of one year.

2. New members will be charged 100 HKD membership fee (upon enrolment only). Members registered before 2014/2015 academic year will not be charged.

3. PPI-HK Membership will be valid until 1 year after the respective member finishes their study period.

4. Every member will receive a membership card for identification purposes. Membership card can also be used to receive benefits in PPI-HK partners.

5. Replacement fee of 50HKD will be charged if the membership card is lost.

6. For non-members, PPI-HK is not responsible to help in processes such as registration to the Consulate General, registration for general election, etc. Non-members will also be charged extra fee if they participate in events held by PPI-HK.


If you have any questions regarding PPI-HK membership, simply contact your university representatives or through e-mail to

Our Membership Card (sample): 



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