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Most Instragrammable Spots in

Hong Kong

Looking for a new picture for your profile picture? Maybe your feed is getting boring and it’s time to spice it up. Don’t worry! We have made you a list of the best spots for you and your friends to take tons of pictures that’ll fill up your gallery

Choi Hung Estate – Known for their rainbow-colored walls, everyone loves to take a picture here. But, you better hurry! Choi Hung Estate will be redeveloped over the next 15 years so make sure you snap a shop of yourself first with the colorful backdrop before there are any changes.  

Art Lane – Nestled in Sai Ying Pun, Art Lane is Chung Ching Street with large murals painted by local and international artists around the world. Some murals also have deeper meanings in them than you might think. Strike a pose with the gorgeous abstract art as your backdrop.  


Tai Kwun Police Station – The neoclassical architecture of the Tai Kwun Police Station in Central never gets old. With the red bricks and granite walls, there’s a taste of history in this site. But, don’t forget to look inside to see that most of its interior has been renovated with a more modern contemporary feel. Take a photo outdoors or indoors, it looks like you’re in two different worlds.  


Avenue of Stars – Everybody knows this place exists once they’ve become a student here. But let’s not forget that this place probably is one of the best backdrops to spice up your Instagram. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, the view of the harbor shows Hong Kong in its best way that never gets boring.  


Flower Market – In Mong Kok, you can find a street filled with flower stalls on your left and right. Whether you’re taking a photo of yourself, with a friend or partner, taking a photo in a flower market adds a sweetness to it. While you’re there, why not also get flowers for someone or maybe yourself.  

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