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Dessert Spots you

It’s time to reward yourself after all the assignments, deadlines, and exams. Take a break from the library and head to these dessert spots with your friends to satisfy your sweet tooth. These dessert spots may not be so far from your go there whenever you want. From Boba to local desserts such as waffles and shaved ice, we present to you the best valued desserts for you to keep in mind the next time you’re feeling stressed or just craving for something guilty! 

Best AFFORDABLE places to shop your groceries!  

A new semester is finally arriving! You might be wondering where you can get essentials at the best affordable prices, especially if you’re a freshman. Whether you need school supplies, must-have ingredients, home goods to make your room more homy, we’ve got you covered. We handpicked the best stores all around Hong Kong for you to kick off the first semester!

Most Instragrammable Spots in Hong Kong

Looking for a new picture for your profile picture? Maybe your feed is getting boring and it’s time to spice it up. Don’t worry! We have made you a list of the best spots for you and your friends to take tons of pictures that’ll fill up your gallery

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